eWaterTek Inc.
Bringing advanced water monitoring right to your tap!


Products & Services

"Bringing Advanced Water Monitoring Right to your Tap!"

eWaterTek is proud to launch four core product lines:

  • Heavy-metal contaminant Detector (UV/Laser) for commercial use, i.e.- municipal housing complexes;
  • Water quality monitor for ‘grey water’ applications (turbidity) to detect germ particles in pools;
  • Chlorine monitor/sensor for residential use (basic model) to determine if your chlorine at the proper level; and
  • Choliform and bacteria detection for pathogens such as Ecoli.

Note:  All models are designed to be scalable & interchangeable for maximum benefit of


Together, these encompass the JCN Product line.

Technology Overview

To learn more about eWaterTek's technology, please review the PDF file below: