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"Bringing Advanced Water Monitoring Right to your Tap!"

As an environmental technology company, eWaterTek is always looking for new partners and opportunities to present its unique water monitoring solutions.

eWaterTek's goal is to build alliances for companies wishing to enter into the world wide water-monitoring market, and collaborate with similar companies in our field toward a purpose of cross-distribution of complimentary technologies.  This includes exploring and sharing of new concepts/resources, and negotiation of exclusive rights to manufacture and/or license the technology abroad.

eWaterTek is currently recruiting key prospects to evaluate and test the JCN System in the field.  As well, eWaterTek is looking to collaborate with Universities, research centres and interested organizations to develop unique water monitoring solutions.

If you are interested in learning more, or would like to explore working with eWaterTek on an exciting environmental technology project, please contact:

"Bringing Advanced Water Monitoring Right to your Tap!"

Hirschel Moskoff

North America:

(905) 508-0200

Bringing Advanced Water Monitoring Rigt to your Tap!