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Bringing advanced water monitoring right to your tap!


About eWaterTek

"Bringing Advanced Water Monitoring Right to your Tap!"

eWaterTek was incorporated in Southern Ontario in 2000 and was greeted by a most enthusiastic response by the Water Asset Management Conference in the U.S. and POLLUTEC 2003 in France and other government bodies and agencies related to water treatment and assessment. eWaterTek is now located in Israel in Ramat Bet Shemesh (contact info).

eWaterTek was founded in 1999 by Hirschel Moskoff, a leading developer of water systems integration technology, and a patent holder on revolutionary UV water monitoring systems.

eWaterTek's patented Ultra-Violet Laser Fluorescence method provides an advanced early warning for municipal housing communities.  This system actually detects the pollutants, qualifies the data, and subsequently records the findings for the client.


The company recognizes that the system falls into a niche between two well-established industries: domestic drinking water systems and the residential alarm and security business. As such, the high-end of the market provides the opportunity to create zero maintenance optional components for both of these industry channels and to market to new water industry contractors and residential security installation companies. Future end-products will share platforms that already exist. It’s just the integration that changes.

eWaterTek uses the XP (Extreme Processing) method to deliver its radical new technology to the marketplace, otherwise known as Radical Application Development.  Although the product is based on current technologies, it represents a novel use of these technologies.  eWaterTek has devoted several years to developing detailed plans, applying for and gaining patents worldwide and is in the midst of designing the just-in-time technologies that would use the new convergence of computing and communications. This state-of-the-art technology could quickly make it the industry leader in the water monitoring field. Note that the government-sponsored Walkerton Inquiry in Ontario has expressed keen interest in any new sensory technology applications that will reduce hazardous contaminants and provide an early-warning mechanism. This is one of the markets that eWaterTek is targeting.


To learn more about the company, read this one-page poster entitled

Sounding the Alarm for Clean Tap Water!

Photo Gallery


Harry Moskoff with Leona Dombrowsky, Ontario Minister of Environment, at GLOBE2004

Hirschel Moskoff with Leona Dombrowsky, MPP, Ontario Minister of Environment,
at GLOBE2004 in Vancouver.

Harry Moskoff at Pollutec 2003 in France

Hirschel Moskoff, demonstrating the eWaterTek solutions at Pollutec 2003 in France.

Harry Moskoff with Shai Spetgang

A picture of Hirschel Moskoff, CIO, eWaterTek and Shai Spetgang,
a member of eWaterTek's Advisory Board, Environmental Projects.