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"Bringing Advanced Water Monitoring Right to your Tap!"

eWaterTek is a privately-held company which had its roots in Canada, which is now re-located to Israel in Ramat Bet Shemesh, a city conveniently located near the major cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  This was a timely move in that, according to WATEC (Water Technologies & Environmental Control), Israel  is the up and coming 'Silicon Valley' of of the global water and environmental technologies market.

eWaterTek is focused on R&D, which has developed patented technologies to provide municipalities and utilities clients with automated water monitoring services and reports.  In addition, eWaterTek's technology allows access (by subscription) to online information about drinking water quality with a full array of chlorine and heavy metal contaminant analysis.  This unique system may also be used to satisfy the need for water security in these trying times (especially in countries abroad).

eWaterTek's system is installed downstream and within any housing complex. It will continually monitor for chlorine/heavy-metal levels and particles, as well as pathogens such as Ecoli. If unacceptable levels are detected, an alarm is instantly transmitted electronically to a monitoring station where untampered daily or weekly results are readily available. The nature of the business is to act as a Service Provider to protect and ensure that water quality is maintained in the domestic environment, that certain government standards are adhered to, and also to license this technology to partners in the field.

eWaterTek's patented Ultra-Violet Laser Fluorescence method provides an advanced early warning system for municipal housing complexes. A niche market where the novelty is that companies in this field generally do not use UV light in this way, as this is not a filter or contaminant reduction system. eWaterTek's system actually detects the pollutants, qualifies the data, and subsequently records the findings, all live online. This approach improves consumer confidence about their potable water, especially in rural areas. The technology can also be licensed to companies abroad so that they can manufacture the systems in their region.

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